Thursday, November 12, 2009

JP Mini World Series

JP's tournaments are always great and this mini waop was no exception. About 320 entries for the main event (€350) and I was feeling fairly good on the Friday evening.

Started off playing fairly tight picking up a few small pots to stay around starting stack for a few levels. I got 88 in MP and a raise came in from the player to my right. I flat call and the player to my left re-raises about 2.5x the intial bet. The initial raiser falts and I'm priced to call. The flop gives me middle set and I lead for 4800. Player to my left repumps to 11.5k and othe player folds. I am playing approx 25k and I have a think for a minute and call. KK to the raiser and I hold up. A great start. But really my only real pot of the day. I finish day 1 on 62k.

Starting back we have a redraw and I'm on a fairly ok table. I maintain my 60k stack for what seems like ages but I feel I need tobe adding to it to have a chance. Once the antes kick in a little higher I start playing back at a few pots and I make my way up to about 90k when I am moved to another table with about 150 remaining.

This new table has some very large stacks and a lot more aggressive than the previous one. It takes me a little while to settle in and some of my raises are getting 3-bet a lot. I settle down when I ppick up QQ in MP and raise it up with one caller in EP. QJ9 flop with a diamond fluch draw and I bet out for 18k - other player calls. ( on the turn boats me up and I bet out again for 25k but he folds.

A few other pots sees me up to 120k with about 80 remaining. I get moved again and again I need to get up to speed quickly with the new table. With less than 60 remaining I have about 110k and I make a play at a AAx flop with Jc6c but I am called and plan to surrender the pot to any future betting. The turn brings a second club and I feel like I might pinch it on the river - check/check and the river brings a Qs I check and he bets out and shows the A. I'm down to 80+k

I then get AQ and make a standard raise. A french guy reraises his whole stack for about 35k with TT and I make the call and dont improve. If I get lucky there I might have had a bit more time to get in the money but after a short respite with JJ I go out with A9 against Rory Brown's AK.

All in all a good tournament and a 50ish finish although disappointing is still a good run.

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